When Your Organization Needs Motivation, Should You Turn to an Inspirational Speaker?

January 2, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by Titanium Core Firm

We field the question daily at the Titanium Core Firm.

People often ask, will an inspirational speaker inspire my company or organization?

In our experience, messages shared by motivational speakers provide a profound effect. They can bring the focus back to an organization both at the individual and the collective level. Team chemistry and production improves, oftentimes hand in hand.

While we usually see organizations gain great benefits from hiring a motivational speaker, our team has also seen companies with different needs. Motivational speakers could not address all the issues they experienced and they continued to struggle.

Some Organizations May Not See Benefits from Motivational Speaking

Not every business, non-profit, or government agency will see positive results from motivational speaking.

In most cases, however, this happens because the organization’s problems are deeper and more profound than changes in staff focus or direction can tackle.

Organizational culture, in some cases, can degenerate beneath a level where motivation can help. For example, if leadership loses the trust and/or the respect of the staff, then the attitudes that speakers seek to change may actually be grounded in real concerns and issues at the leadership level.

Unless leadership itself buys into the message and pledges to change along with staff, motivational speaking may not be effective.

How a Motivational Speaker Can Help

Most of the time, however, motivational speakers can provide a powerful lift to an organization in need of direction and focus. Depending on the speaker, he or she can use a variety of angles to give inspiration.

We work to learn about an organization and then connect them with the speaker and style best suited for their situation. Different kinds of messages and approaches work for different types of organizational issues.

Message From a Person Already Deeply Respected

Motivation from a figure already well-known can have a significant effect on an audience. Our roster of speakers includes NFL Hall of Famer “Iron” Mike Ditka. From his days on the playing field and in his championship coaching career, Coach Ditka gained a reputation for toughness and smarts.

Speakers such as Coach Ditka, whose career is well-known, bring instant credibility to a room.

Other Speakers Add Perspective

Not every speaker has the worldwide fame of a Mike Ditka, but all have a wealth of relevant experience to add perspective.

Many of these types of speakers, such as United States Air Force Veteran Kim Campbell, share lessons about important characteristics, such as leadership, virtue, and courage. These foundational ideals can help the audience to better understand the big picture, or at least learn a broader perspective.

Modeling the Overcoming of Challenges

Everyone faces challenges in life. How each individual faces and overcomes challenges often defines his or her life.

Many people, unfortunately, see individual and collective challenges as overwhelming, an attitude that keeps them from investing their full effort.

Stories of speakers who have overcome significant life challenges to achieve success or to overcome major obstacles provide tremendous inspiration. Many listeners may even emerge from the experience with a more positive attitude about how to overcome challenges in their own life and/or work.

Reach Out Today

In everyone’s life, at some point, a person needs inspiration and motivation. Our speakers help organizations that need the right kind of nudge to restore focus and orient back toward success.

Contact us today with any questions. Our friendly and courteous staff can provide answers. We can also work toward booking a speaker for your organization or special event.

Titanium Core Firm has the best roster of motivational speakers in the area to get your organization started back toward the right track.