Titanium Core Firm Presents Commonly Asked Questions From Potential Clients

Most people know what motivational speaking is in general terms. Many have experienced a motivational presentation in person.

A large number of our clients, however, started off without specific knowledge of a motivational speaker’s role. We work to explain specifically both the process and benefits of using our services.

For your convenience, we have compiled some commonly asked questions to ensure that you have an accurate idea of what we can do.

What Benefits Come From Using a Motivational Speaker?

Professionals attend events such as ours for two reasons. They want to learn something new and applicable. Many also want to feel powerfully motivated and inspired along the way.

The best motivational speakers help the audience rethink their approach while providing tools to promote success.

What Is the Difference Between an Industry Speaker and a Motivational Speaker

Many people confuse the concept of an industry speaker versus a motivational speaker. While an industry speaker can also motivate, the core of their address revolves around ways to improve individual or team performance in their field.

A motivational speaker seeks to expand and transform mindsets, using tools applicable to the job, in daily life, and for the long term.

How Does Keynote Speaking Differ From Motivational Speaking?

Similar to the last question, all keynote speakers should motivate, but motivational addresses need not be a keynote.

A keynote speaker serves as the main draw to an event. Some serve as a draw because they are a big name. They keep attention because they offer something legitimate, even if it does not motivate or transform. Other professional keynote speakers, like former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz, draw from their past experience in motivation to inspire crowds.

Typically a keynote address lasts for, at the most, 45 minutes. Often, they condense their talks into a 20- to 30-minute window, especially if other speakers follow.

Motivational speaking can last as long as the client needs and can also include breaks for group work and other interactive engagement strategies.

Are Motivational Speakers Only For Struggling Organizations?

Absolutely not. Think of motivational speaking like an auto mechanic. Sometimes you take your car to a mechanic because it broke down and you want him or her to make repairs.

Smart car owners, however, know the value of preventative maintenance. Even though the car runs perfectly, you still need to change the oil, rotate the tires, and do what is necessary to keep the car running at peak performance.

We can help to turn around struggling organizations or provide inspiration to those who want to maintain high levels of productivity.

What Makes Hiring a Motivational Speaker Profitable for Our Time?

The answer to that question lies in first, asking yourself if organizational motivation has become a problem. Following up on that, the leadership team must try to identify organizational issues that tend to dampen the staff’s motivation.

Sometimes those issues can get handled in house. In many cases, however, the leadership team sits too close to the problem to identify it. In other cases, the team itself is part of the problem.

In the case of Titanium Core Firm, we work with clients closely. That precludes using the same template for client after client.

We determine what our clients think the main issues are. Our team also considers our own ideas and approach, then works to make it all fit together.

This produces a customized event specifically targeted toward your organization’s needs.

All the behind the scenes work helps to build our events into successes. While the final product may look relaxed and unrehearsed, motivational speaking takes hours of preparation and planning to truly make it unique for every client.

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