Searching for “Motivational Speakers Near Me?” Common Motivation Myths Debunked

If you’re typing in “motivational speakers near me,” you know how important motivating a team is. Unfortunately, a lot of myths have gained traction, and many organizations are making common motivational mistakes based on some outdated or bad information. At the Titanium Core Firm, we help our clients and their teams perform to the highest standards by embracing the opportunity each day presents. 

Myth: Money Is the One True Motivator

For some employees, money and money alone is all they need for motivation – they are few and far between. When you think about your staff, always remember, they can get paid anywhere. How can you motivate them to breakthrough performance? This is when we talk about each person’s "currency." For some, it may be recognition of a job well done, and for others, it may be understanding the big picture and the “why” behind what you’re doing. Thinking money is the be-all and end-all is a mistake. 

Myth: Fear Is a Great Motivator

The threat of losing a job or being punished in some way may get an immediate response from someone or a team, but it won’t last. People will call your bluff or leave; either way, you’re left without a team and people you have to train from scratch who will do the same thing when fear is used again as a motivator. This doesn’t inspire people to reach breakthrough results for you.

Myth: Telling People to “Do Their Best” Motivates

This can actually do the opposite. It really removes any pressure to go above and beyond. If you look at champions of anything, they didn’t strive to be "their best," they strived to be "the best." If the only measure of success is someone’s best, how will they ever get better? Encourage your team to run toward a specific and difficult goal. 

Research has shown that people who set the bar high and spell out exactly what that bar is get far superior performance from people than those who just preach “do your best.” One reason may be that the team told to do their best doesn’t feel their leader has much faith in their ability to achieve breakthrough performance. 

Also, difficult goals cause people to increase their effort, focus and commitment to the goal. They also persist longer and make better use of their time. 

Myth: Motivational Speakers Don’t Work

There are a host of reasons motivational speakers get results in organizations just like yours. 

They change the way people see things. A great speaker can turn an idea on its head, allowing your employees to see challenges differently.

They bring new ideas and techniques. Great speakers are up on the latest ideas and techniques to counteract stagnant thinking.

They bring a jolt of energy and inspiration. If your company is in a slump or perhaps, even jaded, a great motivational speaker can create a belief in their abilities again and show them how capable they are of success. 

They show your employees you’re investing in them. Giving your team exposure to these types of speakers reminds them you’re invested in their careers and their workplace satisfaction. 

We’ll Help You Maximize Your Next Sports, Business or Team-Building Event

The concept of Titanium Core Firm is to motivate and inspire others to not only do their best but also to want to be their best. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker to inspire a strong sense of self-motivation from your listeners, contact us here or email to discuss your next event and how we can help you meet your goals.