Our Story

Defining and achieving success over challenging circumstances which produces “Titanium” leaders and strong team players.

Our Story
"The power of 1 becomes the power of 2, then it is 3. And before you know it we have a team."

Titanium Core Firm is a team of motivators.

Individually, we are hired to offer our stories of inspiration which affords listeners a strong sense of self motivation.

Collectively, we support one another as we present ourselves in front of organizations both charitable and profitable. The concept of Titanium Core Firm is to get back to the grass roots of motivation and inspiring others to not only do their best but to want to be their best.

Civility and the power of a positive societal change is something each of us at Titanium Core Firm carries within our messages of Hope, Faith, and Charity. We are a team and we want to inspire others.

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Our team
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We firmly believe that team effort teaches some of life's greatest lessons if you respect it as a creative effort. Titanium Core Firm knows how critical a dedicated team is, and this is what we have with our skilled, professional, and passionate roster of motivational speakers, including many NFL legends. They share pearls of wisdom, unique experiences, and a dedication to bringing out the champion in each client.

Giving back with the Titanium Core Firm
Titanium Core Firm partners with domestic violence initiatives to give back to the community.

A portion of our proceeds goes towards art therapy for children of domestic violence.


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Anything is possible through the power of hope, faith, and charity.