Myths and Reality Behind Positive Thinking, Memes That Motivate, and More from Titanium Core Firm

January 17, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by Titanium Core Firm

Positive thinking memes often portray quotations from those who have faced challenges dead on, failed, then bounced back to find success. Those memes have no opportunity to show the depth of the struggle behind the wisdom.

Too many people fail because they misunderstand the foundations of a positive attitude and underestimate the value of challenges and struggles.

The biggest myth of positive thinking is that it helps one to avoid the worry and hard work necessary for clawing one’s way to success.

At Titanium Core Firm, we emphasize the value of struggle and even failure in preparing us for eventual success. As one of our greatest fighting generals, George Patton, once explained, “The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

He also said, “pressure makes diamonds.”

What Positive Thinking Is - And Is Not

Positive thinking does not automatically cure all of life’s problems. Successful people understand that difficulties are a natural part of life and often provide opportunity. Most of the world’s great inventions came about because of difficulty. Positive thinking does not banish issues but boosts your confidence in overcoming them.

Former US Senator Al Franken’s comedic television character Stuart Smalley was a big believer in the power of affirmation. As he often found in various skit stories, affirmation without effort does not result in accomplishment. Some recite affirmations all day without putting in the sweat to make their dreams come true – therefore they don’t.

Positive thinking also does not banish negativity from your environment or even yourself. Those who think they can force positivity to monopolize their mind will feel disappointment when negative thoughts enter. Instead, consider positive thinking as your lawyer, advocating on your behalf against doubt and difficulty.

Negative thoughts are not always bad or wrong. They often reflect fears, worries, and other feelings that have logical grounding. Negative thoughts remind us to take a thoughtful and planned approach to solving problems. While this offers some benefits, letting it monopolize your thinking is as unhealthy as 100 percent positive thinking is unproductive.

A healthy, positive attitude features strong self-confidence tempered with the wisdom of experience, learning, and instinct.

Positive Attitudes Promote Success

A positive attitude allows for the fact that disappointment, failure, and challenges will block your efforts at some point. Those who have this mindset understand that obstacles are meant to be overcome. They also know that true self-esteem is only grounded in experience and overcoming problems, rather than avoiding them.

At Titanium Core Firm, we go past the superficial, pop psychology notions of positive thinking. We want to motivate your team to develop beneficial mindsets based on their records of accomplishment and overcoming obstacles.

Our roster of motivators knows what it’s like to bounce back from disappointment, failure, or even tragedy to accomplish for themselves and their teams.

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