Looking at 5 of the Latest Conference Speaker Trends

So many people have lost their way in life, business, family, and other essential areas. They feel stuck in a rut, unable to push their efforts to the next level. Too many let fear and uncertainty hold them back from reaching their potential.

For these reasons, motivational and conference speaking has developed into a powerful way to spur individuals and groups to greater efforts, collaboration, and, best of all, success.

As society and individual tastes change over the years, motivational speakers need to keep up with the latest developments. Providing the best possible experience for our clients should always serve as our priority.

Audiences Need More Return On Investment

First, businesses rely on operational efficiencies now more than ever to keep their competitive edge. While they understand the value of group-oriented motivational speaking, they must also weigh the program against staff hours lost during participation.

Conference attendees expect nothing short of a transformational experience. Attendees and their employers want those who attend to come away with a changed mindset, especially emotionally.

Creating this kind of experience creates a challenge that we relish and deliver upon at Titanium Core Firm.

Use More Dynamic Visual Aids

Even after they get the audience seated, a motivational conference speaker faces unexpected competition for attention. Especially when facing an audience of professionals, they must fight for attention against those who would rather work or play on their mobile devices.

The most successful motivational speakers already use an engaging style that keeps audiences focused on them. They combine charisma and delivery with a full toolbox of dynamic visual aids. At least some of the aids must contain elements of interaction to keep attention and focus.

The most sought after speakers incorporate eye-catching and attention-holding multimedia tools to keep audiences focused and actively participating.

Consider an Economy of Words and Time

Two centuries ago, one of the greatest speakers in American history, Daniel Webster, stood to address the United States Supreme Court in defense of Dartmouth College.

Four hours later, at the conclusion, his powerful words had Chief Justice John Marshall and most of the gallery in tears.

In 1819, audiences craved lengthy and eloquent speeches. In the 21st century, audiences prefer powerful messages distilled into shorter presentations. They want a speaker that respects the value of their time but can also pack that power into a much smaller time package.

Audiences Want More Interaction

Over the past generation, social media has conditioned individuals and audiences to expect interaction. They desire opportunities to share their ideas, get validation or feedback, and actively learn with others.

Incorporating these and other interaction opportunities boosts a speaker’s potential to create a lasting impact.

Tell a Story to Support Your Message

While we work to adopt the latest technology and techniques to motivational speaking, Titanium Core Firm also understands that some traditional tactics will always remain effective.

President Abraham Lincoln succeeded in his political career because he understood the value of purposeful storytelling. He could frame stories about people in ways that evoked humor, thoughtfulness, and a range of emotions, often in the same speech.

Masterful motivational speakers, even today, are also masterful storytellers. They know how to make broader and deeper points with concrete examples.

If your organization has gotten lost and needs to find its way, call today to learn more about how we can inspire and motivate.