How to Keep Employees Motivated During Social Distancing

Social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic has become the new normal for many businesses. But whether you’re an essential business still working at your physical location or a company with employees working from home, motivation can flounder during this time of uncertainty. Here are four ways we recommend to keep employees motivated during social distancing, so productivity and profitability stay high.

Maintain Open Channels of Communication

Your employees are likely worried about numerous problems during social distancing. Some may be concerned about the economy, while others are thinking about a family member with COVID-19. Workers might also be wondering about homeschooling or how best to reduce the risk of infection for themselves.

All of these troubles can fester beneath the surface, especially if the employee has no one else to discuss them with, and it’s been our experience that they can distract from work tasks. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep the lines of communication open at work, whether in person six feet apart or over the Internet. Let your employees know you care about their well-being and that you are available to chat or help them get the resources they need.

Encourage Social Niceties

Social distancing has turned into physical distancing for many businesses, as employees are working remotely. That doesn’t mean that social pleasantries have to go by the wayside.

You can create a virtual watercooler online, using your own software or platforms like Slack and Google Hangouts. Check in with everyone each morning, just as you would over a cup of coffee.

Did your office use to go out for happy hour every Friday? Why not have a Zoom cocktail hour at the end of the week — no work talk allowed!

Set and Recognize Goals

Evaluating business goals may have become more challenging, based on shifting timelines, supply chain issues or altered client requirements. If you work in an industry where metrics aren’t easily quantified to begin with, you may already have a hard time setting goals.

However, we see this as the perfect time to develop milestones and recognize when employees reach them. Think about establishing different types of goals, such as bringing in new accounts, rethinking business practices or launching a novel product or service.

Then, set measurable, achievable goals for employees using your brainstormed ideas. Try to find a balance between short-term goals for faster gratification and long-term, future-focused ones that help employees see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Be sure to reward employees and let their peers know about their accomplishments. We love these options for additional motivation:

  • Online gift cards
  • Delivered food or stress relief baskets
  • Paid time off
  • Electronic devices
  • Online classes (don’t have to be work-related)
  • Subscriptions to online services or publications
  • Opportunity to head a team on a new project
  • Perks after social distancing is over (better parking, gym membership, upgraded hotel for travel, etc.)

Enlist Help From a Motivational Pro

Sometimes it’s tough to do all the motivating yourself. That’s where we come in as top-of-the-line motivational speakers. At Titanium Core Firm, our team provides motivational speaking based on our key tenets of hope, faith and charity.

Whether your employees need life coaching to get past this difficult time or you want to keep employees motivatedto stay on your awesome existing trajectory, we can tailor a speaking event for your business.

We specialize in bolstering self-belief, boosting confidence and creating positive change, while emphasizing teamwork and core values. Many of our motivators come from the NFL, where inspiration and working together are vital.

Want to learn more about how Titanium Core Firm can help keep your employees motivated during this challenging period? Reach out and let us know how we can assist you. Don’t let social distancing derail your business. Get in touch today.

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