How Inspirational Speakers Engage Audiences

Are you considering:

  • Launching a new product,
  • reorganizing to improve profitability,
  • realigning your management team,
  • changing your benefits package,
  • welcoming a new leader,
  • redesigning your go-to market strategy?

Are you concerned about:

  • Losing momentum,
  • keeping key employees engaged,
  • maintaining focus,
  • increasing buy-in,
  • strengthening team alignment,
  • executing on your vision with success?

You have come to the right place.

Change of any kind can create confusion. Most people are comfortable with how things have always been done. They know their place, their responsibilities, and how they measure their performance. When change happens, their foundation shakes, and most often people run for cover. Inspirational speakers engage audiences and help companies paint a picture of the way forward that connects each member of the audience to the success of the initiative.

How do inspirational speakers engage audiences?

They make it personal

Today the average American is bombarded with thousands of messages. Email, texts, social media posts, streaming videos, and that is just the beginning. When someone is suffering from information overload, they begin to ignore messages that are not personally relevant to them. Inspirational speakers connect directly with each member of their audience with universal themes like love, hope, faith, and charity that resonate on a personal level with every human being. Great speakers relate to their audience by helping them see an initiative within the context of larger human needs.

They use emotion

Humans are persuaded by reason but are moved by emotion. Several studies have proven that 90 percent of our actions are based on emotion. Once we have made a decision, we use logic to justify it to ourselves. How many times have you told yourself that you saved so much money on that new cool pair of shoes that you bought on impulse at the local retail store? Inspirational speakers understand the careful dance between logic and emotions and use stories and examples to artfully play an audience’s heartstrings.

The bring-in logic

Once the inspirational speaker has drawn the audience in by connecting with their hearts, they move to the rational side of the argument and share facts and figures to reinforce the key points. Who doesn’t love data that justifies a specific point of view? So you have 12 pairs of shoes in your closet. Data supports the need to have 12 pairs of shoes… just in case there is a shoe shortage.

They tie it all together with stories

Artful inspirational speakers weave emotion, facts, and personal connection together to create stories that are relatable and memorable. Stories emotionalize information. They take a dry PowerPoint presentation and turn it into a compelling and motivating force for change. A story told well around a campfire, conference room, or huge auditorium can move an audience to laughter, tears, and most importantly…action.

Inspirational speakers engage audiences by expertly building narratives that inspire and motivate change. At Titanium Core Firm, we are dedicated to helping businesses navigate successful transformation by igniting the hearts and minds of their employees. Our proven process matches our expert speakers with your corporate objectives to deliver inspirational sessions that drive rapid and sustained change. Our roster of speakers ranges from motivators, actors, sports Hall of Famers, and military leaders. Each of them has faced personal adversity that required dramatic change in how they think and interact with themselves and the world. Each speaker has come out the other end stronger and passionate about sharing their stories.

To survive in our rapidly evolving world, companies need to pivot, realign, and reimagine their business continually. Inspirational speakers help smart leaders reach the hearts and minds of their teams to embrace change and move forward with confidence and determination.

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