5 Self-Motivational Examples That You Can Follow to Get Back on Track

The heart of a champion is forged in adversity. Overcoming adversity requires motivation.

From where does an exhausted and sore athlete or team find the fuel to gain one more yard, grab one more rebound, or execute one more bunt to keep the team going to victory?

The legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry once said when asked about motivation, "I believe in getting a team prepared so it knows it will have the necessary confidence when it steps on a field and be prepared to play a good game."

Preparation, combined with the determination to go on, provides that motivation.

It works in the same way for all of us. Sometimes, strong motivation makes the work seem easy.  When the motivation is gone, you struggle to push on, or even find yourself at a dead stop.

Motivation is our team's reason to exist, and we have spent years delivering this to our clients. Here are some self-motivation examples and suggestions on how to get your mojo back in work or in life.


Motivation often works best when combined with the least amount of mental friction possible. Unfortunately, we often load ourselves up with unnecessary work or personal commitments. These use up time and energy. Personal resources spent on peripheral problems leave you less able to focus on core areas of your job or life. 

This leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and unmotivated.

It's important to remember that you can’t do it all.

Make a list of the elements of your employment and life that require your full attention. These can include important projects, family and your romantic relationship. Remove any obligations or relationships that drain your energy and focus.

See the Positives in Negatives

In the 1920s, former artillery officer Harry Truman’s clothing business went bust. Two decades later, he was President of the United States.

Wise individuals understand the value of adversity. Popular culture teaches us that happiness is the default setting, but that's wrong. Happiness comes from the overcoming of adversity in life, as well as realizing that setbacks and trouble are natural and serve a purpose.

We learn little from success, but much from failure. Embrace failures as part of a natural journey toward success.  

Truman would probably also tell you that some failures are vital for building personal toughness, too. This forms another essential ingredient to motivation.

Keep Goals Realistic 

Closely related to the first point, motivation finds friction when we set impossible goals for ourselves. Some individuals set themselves up for failure by taking on too much or defining success in wildly unreasonable ways.

In our experience, “shooting for the stars and landing on the moon” serves as a nice phrase, but describes a technique that may not help everyone stay motivated. 

We see better results when individuals set goals that are challenging, yet achievable, then race past them. 

Get to Know Your Most Important Motivator, Yourself

Socrates once set our on a personal mission to understand wisdom. After speaking with the most intelligent and knowledgeable people he knew, this famous philosopher figured out its source.

True wisdom is embodied in his phrase “know thyself.” It means taking honest stock of personal strengths and weaknesses, then understanding how to overcome deficiencies, if possible.

We must know ourselves to reach our potential. Also, knowing psychological triggers that cause demotivation helps as well. Knowing what makes yourself tick, or stop ticking, can help you generate a mental gameplan to keep motivation from flagging.

Rely On Trusted Friends or Colleagues

Many of the most successful people have a small and trusted inner circle of friends and family they can rely upon in times of need. Sometimes an objective or friendly perspective can provide just the right push to restore motivation.

In other cases, professionals can do the job effectively. We work with both individuals and teams to create new perspectives and build motivation. Call us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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