4 Lessons We Can Learn From Veteran Motivational Speakers

Everyone has a lot to learn from seasoned motivational speakers. They can inspire us and help us understand the wisdom that comes with living. They teach us how we can become better versions of ourselves. They compel us to act upon our dreams.

However, veteran motivational speakers are a breed apart. They have experiences that we can never fully grasp, and have overcome tremendous physical and psychological challenges to get to where they are at this stage in life.

So if you have a chance to listen to one, make sure you grab it. There are so many things we can learn from veteran motivational speakers. Below are a few lessons we can all use:

1. Optimism: Things get worse before they get better.

It’s important to know and understand that nothing comes easy, especially not success. Veterans are war heroes who undertake difficult missions and face formidable enemies. Most would have faced death already and witnessed their comrades perishing in armed encounters.

There’s anger, frustration, grief, pain and misery in serving the country as a member of the military. Without optimism, it would be difficult to carry on — to wake up and get ready to face the day, even when the past few days have been bleak and tragic.

A veteran motivational speaker will tell us to simply carry on, no matter how difficult things may seem, and to look forward to the promise of success tomorrow.

2. Perseverance: Slow and steady wins the race.

In any race, the true winner is the one who perseveres the most. The same can be said of military missions — everything the enemy does is a mystery. You can only guess what their next move will be and hope for the best.

What you can control is you. You have the skills, knowledge, experience and discernment to do well. So all you must do is to keep on; to persevere and never give up until you fulfill your mission.

In life, we need to focus on our goals and keep trying even when the odds seem to be stacked against us.

3. Resilience: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Being resilient is an enviable quality to possess. It enables us to bounce back from hardships, struggles and defeat. Without resilience, a soldier who has witnessed hundreds of people dying won’t be able to function anymore. It would be so easy to give up and surrender.

In times of crisis, it is resilience that keeps people moving and staying productive. It’s also resilience that enables us to overcome trials and to continue our mission in life.

4. Focus and discipline: Keep your eyes on the prize.

Deep focus and discipline are critical to the survival of our troops. Veteran leaders, especially, were once responsible for the soldiers they sent out into the field. Like us, they have families, concerns and personal issues. But when they go out into the battlefield, they only have one purpose: to fulfill their mission.

Whatever happens at any stage of the mission, razor-sharp focus and outstanding discipline are necessary so that one can rise above emotions and distractions that can hamper one’s ability to cut through the noise. Those who keep their eyes firmly fixed on their goals and who have the discipline to follow through have a better chance at achieving success.

Learn from our veteran motivational speaker Kim Campbell

There are more valuable lessons to learn from our resident veteran motivational speaker Kim “KC” Campbell.

Kim has been in the Air Force for over 22 years, serving as a fighter pilot and senior military leader. She has been widely recognized for her combat experience, and was once deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her acts of courage earned Kim the Distinguished Flying Cross for Heroism, and she has inspired and moved hundreds of people during her talks.

If your organization needs some motivation or food for thought, our highly experienced speakers can help you achieve your goals.

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