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Our Titanium Core Firm team of motivational speakers help you embrace each day and perform to the highest standards.
Who we are
The passion of Titanium Core Firm is to motivate you to find your self-belief. Confidence comes in knowing you can inspire positive change within yourself and others.

About Us
Our focus is on the core principles of HOPE, FAITH, and CHARITY.

We dedicate ourselves in fostering a sense of HOPE that a brighter future is on the horizon, cultivating FAITH in your own capacity to strengthen the abilities of your team, and CHARITY for all of humanity by having enough self respect to show respect.

What we offer
Our team of experienced motivational speakers know what rock bottom looks and feels like, and they know how to come back better than ever when life gets tough.

A motivational speaker can be booked for any type of event. Here are just some of our featured events and coaching we offer.

What our clients say
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We invite you to look at our testimonials to see how we've helped motivate people to reach new heights. Our clients' success is our purpose. That's why we're thrilled when they enjoy the Titanium Core Firm experience.

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"The power of 1 becomes the power of 2 then it is 3. And before you know it we have a team."

- Becky Rutrough
Founder, CEO and Motivator

"True motivation is self motivation. Define your goals because if you do nothing you get nothing."

- Coach Ditka
Mentor and Motivator

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